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I'm fun, energetic, excellent multitasker and stellar photographer.  I will capture your emotions and events in their best light for you to cherish forever.


We greatly appreciated the way you took over control as soon as you arrived. You stuck to our timeline perfectly before the ceremony and kept us on track while there were many other things we were thinking about. We know it was difficult to stay on the timeline when our food truck was slow but we also thought you did an excellent job going with the flow and adapting to our chaotic reception. We noticed that you stuck with us during the more "boring" time while we were having a ton of fun dancing and those were special moments even though they weren't staged. It was so amazing to receive some sneak peek photos the very next day!! We were so happy to be able to share some professional photos with our friends and family on social media so soon! The only thing that we can think of being a little bit awkward or not super smooth was our family photos - but that might be more about our awkward family than you. I regret not taking more control during that time because I knew the shots we wanted so I probably could have made that process faster and smoother had I been more assertive. I'm sure the photos will still look great! Thank you for everything Naza, you were incredible!


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